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what is oolong?

this is a personal project to re-do my website from scratch with eleventy, learning as i go. my primary goal is to end up with a website i'm happy with. my secondary goal is to fall back in love with the process.

i named this project oolong, after my favorite type of tea. oolong is a partially-oxidized tea, falling between a black & a green tea. there's a legend that it was discovered by accident, by a man who forgot about his tea because he got distracted by a deer.

i like the idea of oolong representing an in-between state — a website that’s not too light, but not too serious. i also like the idea of "brewing" a website to your taste: having different themes, things to play around with, and places to leave notes. i want it to feel comfortable & lived-in, as well as intimate & welcoming, like someone's living room. or a small teashop.